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The capital city Panaji was in actuality a soporific fishing island in the days of yore, till its strategic and maritime position as well as a picturesque orientation were exploited to the hilt by several rulers who came and left remnants of their colonization like the old secretariat, formerly the summer palace of the Muslim ruler Yusuf Adil Shah.

Today, Panaji is a thriving city buzzing with life and activity and unarguably a melting pot of myriad cultures and ways of life. On offer is the vibrant night life for those who want to let their hair down and for the recluse; Panaji does offer various other avenues.

A stroll along the windy streets of Fontainas dotted with old Latin quarters, designated as heritage area, is veritably is a stroll down memory lane coupled with a Mediterranean feel. An imposing landmark in Panaji city is the famed baroque-styled church christened Our Lady of Immaculate Conception built in 1541 characterized by an enormous flight of stairs leading all the way up to the church.

The road overlooking the church is the historic 18th June Road, and a walk down this road will literally burn a hole in the pockets of avid shopaholics and one is spoilt for choice because of various items from trinkets to international brands. Shoe shiners who dot the area are a relief for those who want to put their best foot forward.

Campal is another place that is rather historic and this is most evident in the form of an old cannon located along the road that belonged to Adil Khan, a statue of Francisco Luis Gomes, the former best advocate, that was built in 1929. Moving a little ahead, the road leads to the Kala Academy, a Center for art and culture and The Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs. At a distance of 3 km is the Miramar beach having the sobriquet "Gaspar Dias" and the accommodation here ranges from beach resorts to various hotels in the vicinity.

The Mahalaxmi temple located in the heart of the city is another vital landmark. Likewise is the Maruti temple at Altinho(which means hill in Portuguese) in Panaji. For the connoisseurs of art, the art galleries are a must see. Floating casinos housed in the river Mandovi beckon the adventurous and the elaborate cuisine from native to international palates are a must taste!!!






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