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Aguada Fort
Category : Forts Of Goa
Location  : Sinqerim
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Built by the Portuguese between 1604-1612 to defend against the dutch invasion. The water from the natural spring on the headland was used to meet the needs of ships cruising in and out of the mandovi river. Agua in portuguese means water, hence the name Aguada fort. The storage capacity in side the fort was 23,76,000 gallons. The light house inside the fort was abandoned in 1976.

Fort Timings: 8:30AM to 5:30PM Entry Free

Light House

Visitors can visit the new light house behind the fort for an ariel view of the fort, mandovi river and candolim beach stretch.

Timing: 3pm - 5pm Foreign adults - Rs. 25, Indian adults - Rs. 10,
Children - Rs. 3 Video - Rs. 25 Camera - Rs. 20

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