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Terekhol Fort
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Location  : Tiracol

The majestic crown of Goa standing elegantly on its northern border is the historic Terekhol fort. Terekhol literally means deep bank of the river. The fort lies at the confluence of the Terekhol River and the Arabian Sea. Beyond Terekhol is the state of Maharashtra.
The Fort of Terekhol has been a witness to heroic tales, of valour and bravery. It has been a witness to the martyrdom of a Hirve Guruji and a Sheshnath Wadekar, it has seen the fury of the Bhonsles and the Portuguese, it has heard tales of blood and gore.

It was built in the 17th century between the years 1627-40 probably by the Raja of Sawantwadi, Khem Sawant. The fort was also under the hegemonestic control of the great Maratha Chhatrapati Shivaji when the Sawantwadi Raja Lakhan Sawant declared his allegiance to Shivaji. Subsequently, it remained under the control of the Bhonsles of Sawantwadi till it was occupied by the Portuguese.

On November 23rd 1786, this important and strategic fortress was captured by Dom Pedro Miguel de Almeida, popularly known as ‘Marques de Alorna' who was the Portuguese Vice-roy of Goa. After its seizure, he constructed a chapel in it which still exists. This piece of information has been given by Dr. P.P. Shirodkar in his article titled "Historic Fort of Terekhol" published in the Purabhilekh Puratatya, a journal of the Directorate of Archives, Panaji.

A horrible massacre took place at the fort in 1835 following a military revolt. Even the British across the Goan borders had their eyes fixed on this strategically located fort.

The Terekhol Fort has witnessed Goa's struggle for freedom from the 451 years of Portuguese rule with its varying boundaries. In August 1954, the National Congress (Goa) Satyagrahis led by the brave son of Goa Shri Alfred Afonso entered the fortress of Terekhol and unfurled the national tricolor over the fort for 22 hours.

To commemorate this incident, the National Congress (Goa) - the Satyagrahi organization observed 16th September 1954 as the ‘Terekhol Day' under the leadership of a young nurse from Mapusa, Krishnabai alias Shrimati Diukar at the fort.

Another batch of Satyagrahis led by a young man, Alvino Belarmino Coelho marched to the fort of Terekhol and offered lessly beaten by the Portuguese.

On 3rd August 1955, once again the fort was a silent spectator to the tragic death of Hirve Guruji, a brave Satyagrahi who was leading a batch of 127 unarmed satyagrahis to liberate Goa. He was fired at by the Portuguese soldiers and he succumbed to bullet injuries.

A small but strong fortress crowned by turrets standing on the brow of a hillock of the north-western end of the Pernem Taluka commanding a breath-takingly beautiful panoramic view of the vast expanse of the calm Arabian sea, the casuarinas of the Keri-Harmal beaches, golden sands, swaying palms and the Terekhol river, the Terekhol fort is historic, and a tourist's delight and a pleasure holiday resort worth a visit.

Distances from Terekhol fort by road:

Terekhol fort - Panaji: 51kms

Terekhol fort - Calangute: 38kms

Terekhol fort - Margao: 84kms

Terekhol fort - Palolem: 120kms




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