Goa Under The Stars
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This wee emerald state of Goa comes alive and shimmers at night and it's this nocturnal ambience that spells fun, frolic and enjoyment to the zenith. Touted as the entertainment capital by many, making merry is a bequeathment from the erstwhile colonizers, the Portuguese from whose laidback and fun loving demeanour the clichéd word ‘susegado' has come to form a part of the Goan ethos and cultural  disposition. One can wine, dine, shake a leg or just enjoy the sounds of music of various hues both Goan, Indian and western. Live music in the garb of playing instruments and crooning is the forte of many a talented and musically oriented youth of Goa.

One can live it up in Goa by sundown thanks to the various avenues offered for the same. The latest and most sought after craze being the casinos, both onshore floating and offshore casinos usually in starred hotels. Betting here in Goa has governmental sanction and it's at these casinos that one can rake in the moolah, indulge in live gaming like   roulette etc.  Apart from fun and games, food and drink is served much to the gastronomic delight of everyone who visits.

Beach shacks light up at night as well with visitors enjoying a dim-lit dinner with music playing in the background. A wonderful sight of the night sea iridescent as ever with the moonlight causing the sea water to dazzle the beholder. The warmth of the sea breezes blowing towards the land by night is as soothing as a warm massage. The sound of music drifts along the coastline and rouses even the most sedate being. The sumptuous seafood served at the beach shacks is the ultimate in epicurean delight.

If one wants to catch up with some old time chums one can do so in restaurants that come alive at night. One can sip on ones favourite drink, cocktail, mocktail, you name it and it's yours for the asking or ordering rather. Live music playing in the background offers the ideal transcendence.

Several pubs and discotheques along the coastline and in starred hotels are the places to hit for some great moving and grooving. Music of various kinds is played here right from the funky to trance, hip hop, techno etc. DJ music is also another genre of music playing/listening that is gaining popularity. One can listen in to DJ music in pubs, cozy restaurants, starred hotels etc.

One can enjoy the night away with the enchanting full moon cruise and sun set cruises. Sitting back and soaking in the sights and sounds of the night with music, dance, food and drink to boot. A slice of Goan culture is also available in the form of quintessential Goan Mando, folk dances etc. performed with vibrancy and élan onboard the cruise boats.

Come December and the Goan nightlife is all the more enticing, thanks to the plethora of activities coinciding with the International Film Festival of Goa and the Yule Tide spirit. Various musical shows like the All Goa Mando Festival, Choirs etc. open to the general public and tourists alike are held at various auditoriums like the Kala Academy-Panaji etc. One is treated to the spendour of lilting renditions by the sprightly performers and singers.  The eve of Christmas is celebrated with great fervour and merriment with several open air dance floors opening up to accommodate die-hard revelers. The culmination of the festivity is marked with the ushering in of the New Year amidst New Year parties and bashes.

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