Tito's Courtyard
Category : Multi Cuisine Restaurants
Location  : Baga
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Tito's Courtyard Restaurant

It is here at Tito's Courtyard restaurant that all good things come true with the ambience and cuisine that proves to be an epicurean's delight. One can indulge in unbrideled hedonism here with multicuisine food dished out with a lip-smacking a-la-cate menu, a bar that is well endowed with the finest wines and cocktails.


When one thinks Tito's, one has surfeit connotations...some think fun,others food and drink, while still some others would think Tito's offers the ultimate nirvana in enjoyment! True to its varied undertones, Tito's is one word that is on the lips of all visitors because of what it offers. Tito's is most ideally located along the Baga beach that is the hub of activity all through the year  and the flurry of activity reaches dizzying heights mainly during the peak tourist season.

Club Tito's

This place is a surefire way to dance your woes away. Equipped with an accoustically sound discotheque, this place beckons the who's who in the various realms. Die hard clubbers and party animals haunt this place for most part of the year. The vicinity of the club and the discotheque is rather well maintained, hygeinic and peaceful.

Cafe Mambo
True to its moniker, Mambo, which is a fast-paced ballroom dance of Carribean origin, Cafe Mambo is surerly a racy beach club in a league of its own that has catapulted Tito's on to the international scene. Vibrations of house music as well as international DJ music is a treat for the ears here at Cafe Mambo that is thrown open to the guests from 8 p.m.in the evening.