Talpona- Heaven In The Back Of Beyond
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My drive from Agonda to Talpona didn't seem the least arduous considering the fact that I was loaded with my camera and other paraphernalia, something that I keep handy on outings like these. Country music played in my vehicle as I drove blithely and  with abandon through the country side of Canacona. Talpona, unlike several other much hyped tourist spots, is hitherto less visited due to plain unawareness.

My first halt was at the Talpona river that meandered with facile along its predestined course. The ambience was mesmerizing and transported me to  another world. My gaze followed a melancholic boatman ferrying denizens across , his ingenuous oar deftly steering his small canoe ahead. I was reminded of the oft-chewed Goan Mando (a traditional goan folk song)' Vodekara, Vodekara' and as I hummed it in my mind, I panned my glance to the mangrove vegetation and the water birds that were there.

The Talpona river, geographically, originates in the Western Ghats and courses along via its different tributaries flowing through the villages of Sadolxem, Bhatpal, Cotigao etc. in the Canacona Taluka. The area around the river is rather low lying and has a fair population of Mangrove spp, some of which belong to the  Rhizophora and Sonoratia sp. The area around the river is also very serene and an ideal birding site. Birds like Brahmi kites, grey herons, robins, cattle egrets, owl etc. are seen in fair numbers.

I travelled further south of the river to the Talpona beach that is just a small stretch but veritably resplendent. The tranquil nature of the Talpona beach makes it very compelling. One is lost in trance when one comes to the Talpona beach......unexploited and still virgin! Tourists exhibit great respect for this selfsame nature of the beach and some vow to maintain its purity for posterity. Shacks and other eateries are few and far between and this lends a hand in keeping the sanctity of the beach unblemished.

The populace in the Talpona belt  is a fishing one and all around one sees fishing nets and people mending their nets. A walk through the soporific village is indeed hypnotic. As the sea breeze swishes through the adjoining land mass, one is verily lulled to sleep during the late afternoon hours. The fishing jetty is not far off and this is where most of the activity is during a catch. Fishing constitutes a chunk of the economy of the rural populace and there is great respect for the sea and its creatures among the people living here.

Sloshed with ecstasy from my visit to Talpona, I decided to head homewards as the sun was going down with hues of gold and red adorning the twilight sky.


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