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Traveling in Goa is facilitated by the various means of transport. The most popular and cheapest being the bus services that operate anytime from seven in the morning to half past seven in the night. Bus services to various beach resorts however culminate at eight in the night. Traveling in Goan buses in an experience of a different sort. Motorcycle taxis are also efficient means of travel though it is meant for one person only. The motorcycle riders are, as funny as it may seem to the ear, called pilots and they ferry you anywhere you may need to go. Autorickshaws are three wheelers that carry three passengers and efficient enough only if drivers’ flag down their meters which keeps a tab on the cost of travel. Venturesome tourists can even hire bikes both geared and non-geared to help them move around. One can even drive cars on hire or hire a chauffeur-driven car. Traveling costs range widely between the different means one adopts to travel. If one has to drive or ride on the serpentine and narrow Goan roads one has to exercise great caution given the chaotic traffic scenario despite traffic cops trying to manage the traffic.

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