Vegetarian Recipes of Goa
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Location  : Goa

Ranjana Kakodkar



1 Litre Milk

½ Kg. Sweet Potatoes

¾ Teacup sugar

2 table spoons Cornflour

2 table spoons Pure Ghee

8 Cardamoms powdered


Remove the skin of the sweet potatoes and scrape them.Heat the ghee in the vessel and stir the scraped sweet potatoes in the ghee for 3 minutes and add milk.When the milk boils, add cornflour for thickening and cook till the sweet potato is cooked.Stir in cardamom powder and serve it hot or cool.




2 Tea cups finely cut Lady Finger pieces

1 cup thick buttermilk(not sour)

1 Tea cup curds(not sour)

Freshly scraped coconut half Tea cup

2 green Chillies

4 Teaspoons oil

Half Teaspoons cumin seeds

Salt to taste

Green Coriander


Heat oil in a vessel,splutter cumin seeds.Stir in the lady fingers pieces till light brown.Cool it,Mix in buttermilk,curds,green chillies,scraped coconut and salt to taste.Serve garnished with coriander leaves.


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