Vegetarian Dishes from Goa
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Location  : Goa

Ranjana Kakodkar



Half Kilo tender bitter gourd

One and half small bowl gram flour

Half a small bowl dry scraped coconut

Three teaspoon coriander powder

One and half tea spoon cumin seed powder

Three tea spoon chili powder

Jagory to taste

Salt to taste

Juice of one big lime

Oil as required.


Slit the bitter gourds in the middle without making it into two pieces. Remove the seeds. Slightly cook them in salt water and remove from the water. Grind the scraped coconut to a fine powder. Roast the gram flour. Mix the ground coconut powder, powder of coriander and cumin seed, chili powder salt and jagory squeeze the lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Stuff the bitter gourds with the mixture and tie them with a thread and fry in oil.Remove the thread and serve

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