Water Sports

The expansive and contiguous coastline of nearly 105 square kilometers and several beautiful rivers and its tributaries open up several avenues for water sports in Goa. Several starred hotels, beach resorts, private tour operators as well as government agencies offer various aquatic sporting activities and these range from banana boat rides, parasailing, wind surfing, water skiing, to dinghy sailing which is a welcome change from windsurfing. For those who would like to scratch beneath the surface, scuba diving is the ideal marine recreation. One gets a peek of deep sea life like corals, fishes of varied hues etc. in all its vibrancy during scuba diving and is quite and adventure in itself and finds its equivalent in trekking. Diving is particularly safe because of the absence of riptide currents and temperate waters. World War II ship wreckages of Spanish and Portuguese ships make the trip down under particularly historic. The ideal season for scuba diving being October to may when the weather is fine.