Wild Life Sanctuaries

An estimated one third of the Goan landscape is occupied by forests and these forests are home to several species of flora and fauna. The varied biodiversity has prodded the government to declare twenty percent of the geographical area as protected zone.

Goa also provides a natural habitat to a range of birds and animals in the midst of a rich vegetation, well preserved as wildlife sanctuaries. Untouched and unspoilt by pollution, they are beckoning.

Come and experience these unique places of flora and fauna. The sunkissed, wind-touched and rain-washed wildlife world.A sojourn away from the dust and din of the city, that offers a cool respite.

About the Wildlife Protected Areas of Goa

Around 755 sq. km i.e. 20 percent of the total geographical area of 3702 sq. km of the state has been constituted into wildlife protected areas to afford complete protection to the natural fauna and flora and to conserve the unique biological diversity of the State. These areas are located along the verdant Western Ghats - one of the richest reservoirs of biodiversity in the world. The section that lie within Goa (the Sahyadris) and which dominates its ecosytem, readily reflects this bewildering complexity in plant, animal and bird life.

The highly undulating terrain and the thickly wooded lots test the patience of the visitors intent on quickly sighting land animals. While you wait to sight the fauna these sanctuaries have to offer, it is, however well worth your while to luxuriate also in the peace and silence of the majestic moist deciduous and semi evergreen forests, dense and green with tall trees, lianas, vines, climbers, ground flora and fauna. The hills and valleys are lush green and cotton like clouds roll freely in the area.

The common fauna found in these sanctuaries are Indian bison, sambar, cheetal, barking deer, mouse deer, hog deer, sloth bear, black faced langur, wild boar, giant squirrel etc. And carnivores like leopard, jungle cat, wild dog, civets, jackals etc. The reptilian fauna is also very rich and a wide variety of snakes, monitor lizards and crocodiles can be seen. Elephants and tigers frequently visit these sanctuaries from across the borders. A diverse variety of colourful birds mesmerise the visitors with its enchanting beauty and unbelievable cacaphony also found in these sanctuaries to keep the birdwatcher busy amidst thick woods.

Cotigao Wild Life Sanctuary Cotigao Wild Life Sanctuary
Location: Canacona
Bondla Wild Life Sanctuary Bondla Wild Life Sanctuary
Location: Bondla,Goa
Bhagwan Mahaveer Wild Life Sanctuary Bhagwan Mahaveer Wild Life Sanctuary
Location: Goa